About YBY

What is YBY?

YBY is a premium quality sparkling wine, brought to life by Stephan Claus in 2020. We believe that every day is worth celebrating life, and that’s why our sparkling wine is more affordable and more accessible than ever before.

Where is YBY made?

YBY is crafted in a family-owned wine farm in Württemberg, Germany.  The Schnaufer Family have had a passion for sparkling wine for four generations, established in 1918.  Traditional Méthode Rurale wine-making, with a German precision and a fun-loving twist.

What is it that makes our YBY Crystal sparkling wine so incomparable?

“Méthode Rurale”, or the processing of the grapes in the “rural way”, creates a significant difference compared to traditional sparkling wine production. And this starts with the grape harvest. The grapes are harvested by our winegrowers only when they have reached full maturity, because only then do they carry the maximum aroma. Next, the grape must go directly to the winery. Here it is fermented in only one process and thus retains the intense aroma that later characterises our YBY Crystal. The sparkling wine is therefore not produced in the conventional method with a second fermentation from finished base wine by subsequently adding a tirage of sugar and yeast. Only when the sparkling wine has the desired sweetness for our Crystal, dry or semi-dry, the yeasts are filtered out. In this way, we stop the fermentation in a completely natural way. The sweetness that remains in the sparkling wine is perceived by the sparkling wine lover as a particularly fruity sweetness – a real treat to your palate.

What exactly happens in the Rural Method?

With this method, the natural sugar breaks down into sucrose and fructose with the latter providing an extremely pleasant taste. During alcoholic fermentation, the yeasts first convert sucrose (which tastes rather unpleasant) into alcohol and CO2 and only then is the fructose converted. In the Rural method, fermentation is stopped while the sparkling wine still has sweetness, so the fructose is largely retained and with it the special pleasant taste.

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